China to Establish Factories in Gwadar in CPEC’s Next Phase – RS-NEWS

It was announced by the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing that China will establish factories in Gwadar in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project’s next phase.

Yao Jing was addressing a session on CPEC under Council on Foreign Relation in which he said that Beijing was waiting for the free zones policy of Pakistan. Under the policy at least 19 projects will be initiated in Gwadar. To run the Gwadar port, $40 million annually is spent.

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The ambassador also revealed on the occasion that the known Chinese company Adidas is shifting all its production chain in Lahore. Furthermore, he said that China will develop a 300MW power plant and a desalination plant in Gwadar.

Yao Jing turned down the wrong impression of the Western media regarding CPEC. He said that China has no military or strategic interests in Pakistan. He said that this multi-billion project will help in developing the infrastructure of Pakistan.

He said, “CPEC represents a deep and historical relationship between Pakistan and China.”

The ambassador said that CPEC’s important is for the entire world, not just Pakistan and China. Adding, that corridor will be expanded to Central Asian countries and Russia.

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