Gwadar Port Opens for Transit Trade and the First Ship

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A sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Maritime Affairs informed that Gwadar Port has been opened for transit trade and the first ship in this regard is set to arrive next week. Officials of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs briefed the sub-committee regarding transit trade and transshipment. The body was informed that the Afghan Trade Transit Module required some changes that have been applied and after initial testing it is ready for application. The senate body was informed that the first ATT shipment would arrive on October 8, next week at Gwadar port, which will gradually increase. Convener of the sub-committee Senator Kauda Babar, who hails from Gwadar, pointed out towards the lacunas in planning and development of the area.

The officials acknowledged that Gwadar Port’s main competitors would be Singapore and Dubai ports, since incentives such as no cargo demurrage charges and three months storage facility would surely divert business to Gwadar.

The sub-committee also discussed the storage facilities for fish processing within or outside the port, the committee was assured that additional taxes would not be imposed on the Chinese companies to establishing such facilities and investments in this regard.

The sub-committee discussed legal framework, rules and regulations pertaining to fish dumping and reprocessing facilities at Gwadar Port to local and foreign investors including the Chinese companies. Senator Babar said,“the major firms will be asked to adopt a resolution to employ local population for jobs at such facilities.”

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