Gwadar Port September 2019 – Gwadar Development Update

Gwadar Port is now fully functional with its massive influence in CPEC framework being a core cause of CPEC initiation. Gwadar Port is located at a strategic location connecting three regions Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East.

Gwadar Port is not just a simple port as of many others around the globe. It is something very special working under an enormous long term programming. Here we are about to throw light on the significance of Gwadar Port and its development and importance for Pakistan and China.

So far Gwadar Port is the only deep sea port in world with such gigantic size having a capacity of up to 150 berths supposed to be established in next twenty years.The current capacity of cargo at Gwadar Port is about 11 million tons which will exceed to 200 million tons in next ten years and then will further reach to 400 million tons in twenty years.

Being located at a focal point at the belt and road initiative, development of Gwadar Port is rapidly escalating under surveillance of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC) in partnership of Pakistan.

Gwadar development is appreciably growing under the umbrella of CPEC and the development of Gwadar Port is essential for the effective diffusion of CPEC which is almost 80 percent completed. A major part of CPEC program is focused on the fast-track construction of roads, other infrastructure, and economy revival via trade and industrial establishment.

Strategic location of Gwadar port and its connection to multi billion dollar project speaks volume about its worth and its importance for China. China aims targeting its several goals through Gwadar Port relevant to its business prospects, energy production and idea of making Beijing the biggest market of the world.

Currently, sixty percent of China’s oil is transported by ship from the Persian Gulf to Shanghai which takes around 2 to 3 months. Gwadar port enables China to more safely and reliably import oil reducing distance and time span. Oil imported from the Middle East, will be stored in refineries at Gwadar and sent to China via roads, pipelines or railway.

Oil trade through Gwadar will also minimize vulnerability to piracy, bad weather, political rivals, and other risks. Gwadar Port functioning as an alternative route to Indian Ocean or South China Sea routes makes Gwadar a good alternative for Chinese trade in the Indian Ocean and to Western Asia even if the Strait of Malacca is blocked by the USA.

That’s all why the development of Gwadar Port and Gwadar City is important in CPEC framework and this is why Governments on both sides are keen to accomplish the development as soon as possible.

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