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Mr Cummings, who is widely regarded as the ‘mastermind’ behind 2016 EU referendum result, had been working closely with the Prime Minister however cabinet office sources told the BBC he has since “resigned following the dissolution of parliament” on November 6. The resignation of special advisors (SPADS) is common practise during the election period. In his resurrected personal blog, Mr Cummings blasted Remainer MPs for trying to overturn the result of the 2016 EU referendum by using all means possible including legal action. He wrote: “A powerful network did all they could to stop Brexit and make a pro-Brexit government impossible.

“Billionaires hired lawyers — some of them the same charlatans who spread fake news about Vote Leave and Russia for three years — to write legislation and start legal cases to force delay, hoping that delay would bring the chance for another referendum.”

The hardline Brexiteer added: “It’s clear that many of these powerful insiders who promised to respect the referendum will do absolutely anything to keep their grip on power and money. They will do anything to stop YOU, normal voters, from taking back control OF THEM.”

Mr Cummmings also warned Brexiteers their “heroic efforts’ more than three years ago could all be for nothing, if the Tories fail to win a majority in the election on December 12.

Mr Cummings insisted their was a “real possibility” of a hung parliament in 14 days time, despite several polls putting the Conservatives in a commanding lead.

In a message to Leave supporters, Mr Cummings delivered a passionate rallying cry to Leave voters and advised them on what to do to save Brexit.

Mr Cummings wrote: “Tell your family and friends face-to-face: if Boris doesn’t get a majority, then Corbyn and Sturgeon will control the Government.

“Their official policy is to give the vote to millions of foreign citizens to cheat their second referendum, we’ll all get screwed on taxes, Parliament will drag the whole country into crisis, and immigration will return to being a central issue in politics instead of being marginalised by Brexit.”

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Mr Cummings also dismissed the latest opinion polls.

The latest YouGov poll of around 100,000 people indicated the Conservatives storm to a 68-seat majority.

According to the poll the Tories are forecast to win 359 seats, 42 more than they took in 2017.

Labour is set to lose 51 seats, falling from 262 seats in 2017 to 211.

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10.20am update: Farage says its ‘too late’ for Labour to persuade Brexiteers

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has claimed it is “too late” for Labour to persuade Brexiteers to support the party in the upcoming general election on December 12.

Mr Farage wrote on Twitter: “It’s too late for Labour to persuade Brexit voters, that ship has sailed.

“They should have thought about that before they backed a second referendum and open borders.”

9.35am update: Barry Gardiner unveils plot to keep UK tied to EU forever

Labour MP Barry Gardiner has outlined key features of the Labour Party’s Brexit strategy that suggest the United Kingdom would be closely tied to the European Union long after the withdrawal deadline.

The Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade told BBC Breakfast about the prospect of Labour heartlands shunning the party in December, Mr Gardiner said: “Let me be very specific – we take no votes for granted in the Labour Party.

“You’re talking about areas which voted Leave in the referendum campaign and, of course, we have a message for them.

“That is, if you want to leave the EU, if you want to do it, then do it in a way that does not destroy your own job, do it in a way that does not destroy our health service, do it in a way that Labour will put forward.”

He added: “That keeps us in a customs union, that we have a just-in-time supply chain for manufacturing in this country, that we can keep manufacturing going, that we can keep your jobs going.

“If we do that, we can leave the European Union and you will have the final say on that.”

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9.20am update: Health Secretary says UK will have stronger animal welfare standards than EU

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said the UK will have stronger animal welfare standards than the EU after Brexit.

Mr Hancock said: “We will not stay in lock-step with the EU, we will have stronger standards.

“For instance, in the EU you are not allowed to ban live animal exports and we will ban them, so we’ll have stronger animal welfare standards.”

He added: “Some of the animal welfare standards around the rest of the world need strengthening as well.”

8.50am update: Macron congratulates von der leyen after commission approve the president-elect

French President Emmanuel Macron has congratulated President-elect Ursula von der Leyen after the European Commission approved her as Jean-Claude Juncker’s successor.

Mr Macron said: “Congratulations to the Commission @VonDerLeyen, approved today by the European Parliament!

“This new team from Europe will move the European Union towards greater sovereignty and unity. thanks to @JunckerEU for his unwavering commitment over the past five years.”

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