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In this month’s general election, the Conservative Party secured an huge majority, taking 364 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. The win means Britain will almost certainly leave the EU in January 2020 as, just like the Prime Minister said, “no one can now refute” his “stonking mandate” to deliver Brexit. The day after the historic Conservative triumph hundreds of left-wing activists took to the streets to participate in angry protests.

Protesters marched on Downing Street and across central London chanting “not my Prime Minister” in anger at the Parliamentary majority secured by Mr Johnson and Brexit.

In a lecture organised by the right-wing think tank “New Culture Forum” earlier this month, famed constitutional historian David Starkey explained why the Remain movement has had so much power when it comes to organising protests, especially among young people.

He said: “Remainers have somehow got the notion that we get our rights and liberties from Europe.

“This is preposterous. This is absurd. This is ridiculous.”

Hitting out at the EU, Mr Starkey added: “Europe is a rather poor parody of what England has been for the last 800 years.

“Do we all realise that the European Declaration of Human Rights is drafted by Winston Churchill’s attorney general?

“But it was intended not as a piece of legislation.

“It was intended as an aspiration for the newly-liberated countries that had been under the heel of Germany.”

The catastrophe, the historian added, was to turn the wording of that into a legislation which applies to individual cases.

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“Because again, you have one unit, England, which is hugely bigger than anybody else.

“We have only got four of them.

“In America, you can have big states, but because you have a plethora of others, the thing can balance out.

“Trying to federalise the British constitution would depend on breaking up England, which is exactly what the EU tried to do.”

Mr Starkey added: “| would suspect that the union is probably unviable.

“I would regret is as a northern Englishman I would deeply regret it.

“But I cannot see how constitutional developments can be squared.”

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