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The Bill allowing the UK to leave the EU passed its third reading in the House of Commons this week, with a 99 majority. The Brexit Party leader has insisted he won’t miss Brussels “in the slightest”. He revealed to The Daily Telegraph he intends to rebrand his party as “the Reform Party”.

His aims are to campaign for electoral reform, to expose postal-vote fraud and to take on the “retrograde” House of Lords.

Mr Farage said rather than tearing down the Establishment, he wants to chip away at its crooked foundations.

He added: “I’ve thrown up some ideas. I think that voting intimidation, and the whole system of patronage, particularly with respect to the House Lords, needs tackling.”

The Brexit Party leader claimed he felt some kind of radical, reforming movement on the Right is needed to hold the “fuddy-duddy” Government to account.

Mr Farage reportedly guffawed at the Government’s decision not to bestow him with a New Year Honour for his vital role in getting Brexit done.

He insisted he couldn’t “give a damn about peerages”.

His list on things to tackle includes the “rotten” peerage system.

Mr Farage has had time to mull things over while in recovery from a fairly invasive operation.

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Despite his recovery, Mr Farage is still launching attacks on his rivals.

This week he criticised “late middle-aged stuck-up Tory toffs” in the European Research Group (ERG).

The Brexit Party leader believed some its members told Conservative MP’s not to attend his £100,000 “Brexit Celebration Party”.

His ticketed event is organised for January 31 in Parliament Square so Brexiteers can hear Big Ben signal the UK has left the EU at 11pm.

Within hours of the official site going live, more than 10,000 people registered.

On his rivals, Mr Farage said: “What sad little lives they must live.

“Would I want to stand next to any of them in a muddy field in France under fire? Forget it!”

He went on to say he sees himself moving away from day-to-day politics to doing more commentary and writing books.

Mr Farage added he wanted to spend time with his family, who have “been neglected massively over the years”.

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