Gwadar Port gets its first sea library

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The initiative tends to provide avid book readers a unique ambiance away from the square-shaped concrete buildings amid the cities, and also to attract tourist inflow to the country’s breathtaking beach- at Gwadar in Makran coastal belt. The land for the setup of the container library has been given by district administration.

The container library is the simplest instance of a community development project- a concept that empowers and entrusts the local community with the task of self-development and progress.

While Gwadar is extensively developed due to its pivotal position in CPEC, the local and provincial governments are taking initiative to boost tourism at other beaches in Makran’s coastal belt. A comprehensive plan in under preparations to turn Balochistan’s beaches into lucrative tourist spots.
Balochistan possesses a magnificent coastal belt of 700Kms but due to lack of infrastructure and facilities, the province has been unable to get its fair share of profit from tourism.

The Balochistan government announced the construction of five tourist resorts in its coastal areas to cater to the need of local and foreign tourists visiting the area. The government had allocated Rs.150 million to revise the master plan of provincial coastal areas and set up tourist resorts in Kund Malir, Gadani, Ormara, Jioni, and Kalmat. The development of the coastline is also meant to facilitate local fisheries.

The government of Balochistan has also invested a large amount of Rs.426 million on the project of purchasing sea ambulance, and installation of monitoring system in the boats for better tracking of fishermen in the sea.


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