Housing sector and Future of CPEC

Chinese President Xi Jinping has successfully materialized his gigantic politico- economic vision. China is fortunate enough to have visionary leadership, who has given direction to the country and the nation. For the solution of its huge problems, Chinese leadership has focused on education, health and economy of the nation. Present generation is witness to the development of modern China. We also need to develop our country and the nation on the same lines and pattern. As Gwadar has become economic jugular vein of Pakistan. Chinese government has positively played its role by investing billions of dollars in the CPEC project. Post CPEC scenario is quite different. CPEC is complete but masses are unaware about the progress or status of the project yet. It is prime responsibility of the government to take masses and investors into confidence. Millions of expatriates are residing in Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Out of these hundreds of the mainstream investors are ready to invest in different parts of Pakistan especially in CPEC projects but they are confused. A British-based renowned CPEC expert and leading investor Malik Muhammad Ishaq has been motivating international investors in the KSA, UK, USA and other countries for investment in Pakistan and eventually on CPEC multi-dimensional project. “Creating awareness about investment in Pakistan amongst multinational companies and investors is the need of the day. Pakistani politicians and diplomats need to play their due role in boosting positive image of Pakistan, Pakistan-China bilateral relationship and CPEC. As a Pakistani, it’s their first obligation”, Malik Ishaq uttered. He believes that politicians, diplomats and media can successfully change the fate of the country and the nation in a very short span of time. All the Overseas Pakistanis are ambassadors of the country. To enhance economic development in the country government of Pakistan should offer lucrative incentives to the investors especially the overseas investors. To uplift the economy, government of Pakistan will have to focus on the performance of its departments especially related to CPEC. The Government needs to enhance output of Gilgit-Baltistan, Gwadar Development Authority and CPEC-related departments.

Investors Ahmed Iqbal Baloch, Aasif Munir, Faisal Idrees, Basit Mahmood of Gwadar Builders & Developers Association (GBDA) and noted expert on CPEC Malik Muhammad Ashaq seem satisfied with the future of CPEC and eventually Gwadar. “Investors from Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar and UK will very soon move to Pakistan for investment. Potential investor Malik Ashaq is struggling hard to bring international investors to invest in Pakistan. He appreciates government’s recent decision of expedition of development of Gwadar. Gwadar is very important coastal area of Pakistan so it is prime responsibility of the government of Pakistan to develop Gwadar on international standards on its own. For the investors government will have to make the procedures of investment very easy and simple so that they get encouraged. Government has realized that for the development of Gwadar it will have to encourage housing sector more than any. That is why government recently has started taking keen interest in the development of Gwadar. For the development of Gwadar, government needs to continue positive and consistent policies. With the high standard development of housing projects like Bin Qasim City of Gwadar unemployment in the region will get addressed. Such worthy housing projects do have bright prospect for Gwadar, Balochistan and hence Pakistan. Because of positive competition, different housing projects are working hard to sustain. Because of the housing projects several industries like cement, steel, iron, glass, wood etc will rapidly flourish. This way more construction related manpower will defiantly find employments. First of all it is responsibility of the government and the private sector to seek skilled and unskilled manpower from Gwadar region. Thus development in housing projects in Gwadar will surely bring prosperity in the most ignored region of the Balochistan province. This local development and prosperity will certainly finish lawlessness, street crimes and terrorism in the province and eventually the country. Peace and prosperity undoubtedly are said to be the most important factors towards national stability. Government will have to take initiative for the uplift of economy of the country. Positive image of the country and Gwadar region by launching awareness campaign will definitely work. This way Gwadar within three years will rise on international level. Pakistani High Commissioner based in London Nafis Zikrya is doing his utmost to cultivate. But to meet international standards of developments on brisk pace a lot more needs to be done. To make Gwadar an international city government needs to direct its Ambassadors and High Commissioners to play their {important} role to bring foreign investment in Pakistan. Government will have to come up with more zeal and zest.

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