What Is Difference Between Gwadar vs chabahar || Is india wasting his money on Chabahar port. Part 2

There is huge difference between Gwadar and chabahar Seaport. Gwadar is making by china-pakistan economic corridor. China Pakistani economic corridor is making by China and China is investing 52 billion dollar in Pakistan do develop Seaport

China is not only just developing Seaport but they are developing Pakistan for example the problem of electricity will be sold by china-pakistan economic corridor

The official government servant of Pakistan they are saying that it could be possible that 2018 that year of loadshedding free country will be Pakistan that’s mean china-pakistan economic corridor is solving the problem of Pakistan Electric City.

By china-pakistan economic corridor is not only just gwadar seaport or Electric City. The infrastructure of pakistan will be developed by china-pakistan economic corridor. There will be huge roads factories job opportunities train lines huge buildings like europ or United State have. Every good thing will be in Pakistan because of the project china-pakistan economic corridor

Pakistan is right now fastest growing country in South Asia because of China Pakistan economy Corridor. Pakistan will be the most fastest growing country in Asia for next 50 years.

Within 5 to 10 years china-pakistan economic Corridor project will be completed. Because it started in 2013. And it’s a huge project so it’s needed a time so within 5 to 10 years it will be complete and then Pakistan economy will be growing so fast. And by the way 2017 GDP of pakistan was better than last 10 years because of china-pakistan economic corridor

China-pakistan economic Corridor will provide millions of jobs in pakistan for Pakistani people.

CPEC : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPGrokxyTRM

Gwadar vs chabahar Part 1 :


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